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Memorial Page


The Fallen Partners


Cape May and Atlantic Counties, NJ

"In Valor There Is Hope"





Harry Shore Sr. OCPD 7/29/27

John Donnelly MCPD 11/15/32

Charles Kopf NJSP 9/27/48

Frank Trainor NJSP 8/03/53

Alex Schromsky Absecon PD 9/06/56

John Staas NJSP 12/02/61

Clayton Graham ACPD 4/23/62

Daniel DuRoss ACPD 9/24/63

John Burke ACPD 10/01/70

Russell Moesta NJSP 11/19/70

Marienus Segeren NJSP 7/25/71

Philip DeSantis Woodbine PD 8/07/73

Richard Himber MCPD 11/16/75

Peter Egnor ACPD 10/14/81

Albert Mallen Sr. NJSP 8/28/85

Lester Guischard Buena PD 10/14/87

Michael Cullinane SICPD 8/26/92

David Douglass Sr. LTPD 2/18/94

Ippolito Gonzalez FTPD 5/07/95

Eugene Miglio III WCPD 6/02/95

Fred Baker NJDOC 7/30/97

Bertram Zimmerman III NJSP 2/5/04

Thomas J McMeekin Jr. ACPD 3/4/05

Kevin B. Wilkins  ACPD 2/18/10











Thomas Blakney ACFD 1896

William Doherty ACFD 1896

Benjamin Williamson ACFD 1898

William Wilson ACFD 1902

Edward Barnett ACFD 1912

William Young ACFD 1914

Thomas Cusack ACFD 1916

Charles Campbell ACFD 1916

William Dien ACFD 1929

Thomas McAdam ACFD 1930

Daniel Johnson ACFD 1931

Robert White ACFD 1933

Morris Abel ACFD 1934

Joseph Walto WFD 1943

Harry Yard ACFD 1943

John Born ACFD 1944

Anthony DaGrossa ACFD 1945

Benjamin Stevens ACFD 1946

Louis Unger ACFD 1948

James Carlin ACFD 1950

Charles Bonner WFD 1952

Thomas Thompson AFD 1952

Jesse Creamer DTFD 1956

Charles Kraly ACFD 1961

Leo Hinton ACFD 1972

John Foley ACFD 1972

Reginald Gooding ACFD 1973

Curtis Corson SFD 1979

John Seedorf ACFD 1979

Norman Johnson ACFD 1985

George Ciliberto OCFD 1994

Robert Wisting RGFD 2006

Lt. Andrew Boyt CMFD 2011

Our Band Family Memorial Page


                              There are people they say that are willing each day

                               to put lives on the line for us all.

                               They fight fires and crime and there may come a time

                                in pursuit of this goal they do fall.

                               Still the job is not done and so each mother's son

                               would cry "onward, we must heed the call".

                               But the task is ongoing with each person knowing

                                that this time they may give their all.

                               If this is the price then we'd better think twice

                               and pay homage to those that have paid.

                               With drum beats a callin we honor the fallen

                                with the pipes of the Irish Brigade.

                               The sound of the bass drums, the tenors, and snares

                                lend dark rhythm to the parade

                                 as the melody drifts along mist shrouded graves

                                 hear the pipes of the Irish Brigade.

                             "Hold open the gates" cried the heavenly angel

                               to St. Peter at the great barricade.

                              A good Irishman's comming, you can tell by the humming

                              from the pipes of the Irish Brigade

                              To those we call brothers and sisters and others

                               who've been given their last accolade

                               God's speed and good wishes to each going home

                               from the proud Irish Pipe Brigade.

                                                                   D. Poulliot  2001,   piper, IPB